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Nom de l'image:Hemiboea subcapitata var. guangdongensis
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Description:Hemiboea subcapitata C. B. Clarke Gesneriaceae Synonym Hemiboea henryi (Flore de Chine ) Hemiboea henryi : (New name Hemiboea subcapitata C. B. Clarke var. guangdongensis) On trouve dans Flora of China la mention suivante :Hemiboea subcapitata var. guangdongensis (Z. Y. Li) Z. Y. Li in A. L. Weitzman et al., Novon. 7: 429. 1998. ?????? guang dong ban shuo ju tai Hemiboea henryi C. B. Clarke var. guangdongensis Z. Y. Li, Acta Phytotax. Sin. 25: 225. 1987. Involucre outside pilose. Known only from cultivation. Cultivated at the South China Institute of Botany; introduced from NW Guangdong (Lian Xian).
Auteur:Jean-Marie Weber

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